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Newsgregate media brings you all the latest breaking news, buzz, tech stories, viral trends and information in Nigeria and around the world culled from the RSS feed of some of the Internet’s most popular and trusted websites.

The primary purpose of is solely to display the latest news headlines immediately after being published without having to visit the site. It is not intended to offer access to full content.

Newsgregate, through feeds. provides new content and the latest news headlines to the user’s browser in an efficient way; the readers can stay updated on the news from trusted sources with little extra effort. Newsgregate provides you headlines with excerpts, for free. You may obtain full access to headline news content when you click on them. Newsgregate is not responsible for the content of external sites and news culled therefrom.

Newsgregate was built by Enebeli Ifeanyi after getting tired of searching different websites for the latest news headlines. He decided to build a website that aggregates different news on one page. With this, He can read different news headlines from different sources at once.

In other to encourage family, friends and acquaintances with the desire to read news, a loyalty reward was added to Newsgregate as an incentive and this was made possible by NogoFar Enterprise.