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Latest Around the World News Today Nigeria 2022

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    IGN Africa

  • today Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Announced Starring Witcher's Freya Allen
    Apes together strong. A new Planet of the Apes film is on its way – Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.The upcoming Planet of the Apes sequel will star The Witcher actress Freya Allen and Owen Teague as the film’s lead ape.Along with the upcoming film’s title and initial... Read full »
  • today Overwatch vs Overwatch 2: 10 Major Changes
    We got some hands-on time in an early access event and compiled all the different changes from the first game to Overwatch 2. From the new maps, new UI makeover, new heroes, and more, we’ve got you covered on these 10 major changes from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2.... Read full »
  • today Hocus Pocus 2 Review
    Hocus Pocus 2 debuts on Disney+ on Sept. 30, 2022. Review by Amelia Emberwing. The Sanderson Sisters are back and the cost is a lot steeper than hell this time. The original cast return to remind us why Hocus Pocus became a cult classic, and new players give fans being... Read full »
  • today She-Hulk: Attorney At Law - Episode 7 Review
    The real hero: therapy. Warning: the below contains full spoilers for Episode 7 of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, which is now streaming on Disney+. To refresh your memory, check out our review of last week's episode. As She-Hulk: Attorney At Law hit its sitcom stride, my biggest complaint about its... Read full »
  • today Google Is Shutting Down Stadia, Its Cloud Gaming Service
    Good night, sweet prince. Google has announced it is winding down its Stadia video game streaming service and will shut it down on January 18. 2023.In a new blog, the search engine company revealed that Stadia "hasn't gained the traction with users that we expected," and as a result, the... Read full »
  • today Xbox Games With Gold for October 2022 Revealed
    Windbound and Bomber Crew Delux Edition head to Games With Gold. Microsoft has announced October 2022’s Xbox Games With Gold, including Windbound and Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition.As revealed at Xbox Wire, next month’s lineup is led by the shipwreck survival game, Windbound. Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition rounds out this month’s... Read full »
  • today The Best Reviewed TV Shows of 2022
    The year's 47 best-reviewed seasons of television (so far). We're in an age of abundance, with more streaming services (and therefore more content) vying for our time than ever before. Keeping track of new television releases in 2022 is no small task, and figuring out which of those shows are... Read full »

    The Verge - All Posts

  • today Gaming tech can be used to walk through buildings before they’re even constructed
    Image: Epic Games Epic Games is partnering with industry design software giant Autodesk to bring game-like graphics to architecture tools in order to visualize design concepts and plans as more immersive environments. While Autodesk architecture software such as Revit is capable of creating 3D design plans, the partnership will introduce... Read full »
  • today Democrats demand FTC probe Amazon-iRobot deal
    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The Federal Trade Commission is facing mounting pressure to block Amazon’s proposed $1.65 billion purchase of iRobot, the company behind Roomba autonomous vacuums. In a letter to FTC Chair Lina Khan on Thursday, a group of Democratic lawmakers argued that the proposed merger... Read full »
  • today Even Twitter is becoming TikTok
    Swipe up for more videos — where have I heard that before? | Image: Twitter Twitter is joining the bandwagon of social media companies copying TikTok’s everlasting scroll of videos. In a blog post on Thursday, the company announced that it’s updating its video player to be “immersive” — tapping... Read full »
  • today Mark Zuckerberg tells Meta employees that the company is freezing hiring
    Nick Barclay / The Verge Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees on Thursday that the company is enacting a company-wide hiring freeze and warned them that more downsizing is likely coming. First reported by Bloomberg’s Kurt Wagner and confirmed by sources to The Verge, the comments made during an internal... Read full »
  • today Google’s text-to-speech engine is getting new voices across Android apps
    Google’s text-to-speech tech is getting new voices across Android apps to improve clarity and sound more natural. | The Verge The speech engine Speech Services by Google is being upgraded to improve clarity and make text-to-speech voices in Android apps sound more natural. You can hear the difference between the... Read full »
  • today Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes will continue the story in 2024
    Concept art from Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes | Image: 20th Century Studios The next entry in the Planet of the Apes saga will start filming soon — and it has yet another very long name. Today, 20th Century Studios unveiled the first real details on Kingdom of... Read full »
  • today Netflix’s gaming lineup keeps getting better with dreamy roguelike Desta: The Memories Between
    Image: Ustwo Games / Netflix The quality of Netflix games has gone from simple, cotton candy-like fluff suitable for short bursts in a waiting room to bespoke, narrative experiences that require hours of strategic thinking. Desta: The Memories Between is the latter. Now I’m going to say some words that... Read full »


  • today Meta's Make-A-Video AI is Dall-E for video clips
    Everyone's favorite text-to-image generator Dall-E has a new competitor from Meta: A video-to-text generator called Make-A-Video. The tool generates short, soundless video snippets based on the same type of text prompts you feed to Dall-E.But Dall-E is child's play compared to Make-A-Video, at least according to Mark Zuckerberg. The Meta... Read full »
  • today Boston Dynamics’ Spot could be the newest first responder in emergency situations
    Ontario Power Generation has partnered with Ontario Tech University to test the capabilities of a Boston Dynamics Spot robot dog to improve safety in the nuclear power sector. The robot can be sent on autonomous missions, conduct visual inspections, and even act as a first responding firefighter in the event... Read full »
  • today Save $40 on the brand-new Fire TV Cube 4K when you pre-order it at Amazon
    SAVE $40: As of Sept. 29, the new Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K Streaming Device is on sale for $99.99 when you pre-order it at Amazon using the code 4KCUBE — that's 29% in savings.It seems that Amazon conveniently planned its fall hardware event to build hype for its first-ever... Read full »
  • today Google's killing off Stadia but at least you'll get your money back
    Stadia is joining that great big Google cloud in the sky.On Thursday, Google announced it will be shutting down Stadia, its cloud gaming service. While platforms being shuttered are never welcomed news, there is a bright side to this one: The search giant will be offering refunds to gamers.Yes, that's... Read full »
  • today Hurricane Ian aftermath videos paint harrowing picture of damage
    In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian's assault on Florida Wednesday and Thursday, the state began the work of assessing the damage. Two fatalities were tentatively linked to the powerful storm, pending a more thorough investigation. But the magnitude of the storm's toll as measured in visible damage to structures is... Read full »
  • today What's so controversial about Netflix's 'Blonde'? Well...
    On Wednesday (Sept. 28), Netflix released Blonde, a flashy, fictitious account of Marilyn Monroe's life. The nearly three-hour film stars Ana de Armas as the late star. Directed by Andrew Dominik and based off Joyce Carol Oates's novel of the same name, this is just the latest film to cash... Read full »
  • today Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell are flesh-feasting, fervent lovers in 'Bones and All' trailer
    What if Bonnie and Clyde were cannibals? Call Me By Your Name’s Luca Guadagnino is back with another directorial feat, starring Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell in a gory, gluttonous, lust-filled adventure of two teen cannibals roadtripping across Reagan-era America. Adapted from Camille DeAngelis’ novel of the same name, Bones and All... Read full »

    Boing Boing

  • today Britain's new prime minister has a 15% approval rating
    Liz Truss became Prime Minister of a nation of 68 million people by winning an internal Conservative party leadership election of 120,000 members. The Queen died hours after meeting her. The nation emerged from mourning only to see Truss announce a massive tax cut for the rich. — Read the... Read full »
  • today Queen Elizabeth's cause of death listed as "old age"
    She faded away without illness or mishap, leaving only the dark space where rumors grow. The document states that the 96-year-old monarch died at 3.10pm on 8 September at Balmoral Castle, Ballater. Princess Anne registered her mother's death. Douglas James Allan Glass is noted as the certifying registered medical practitioner.... Read full »
  • today Google to shut down Stadia, its streaming game service
    Stadia is done for, reports The Verge, and service will end January 18, 2023. Stadia vice president Phil Harrison, in a statement: "While Stadia's approach to streaming games for consumers was built on a strong technology foundation, it hasn't gained the traction with users that we expected so we've made... Read full »
  • today Graphing the statistical correlations between fucking around and finding out
    The math checks out. there are tears in my eyes LMFAOOOOOOOOOO— agent honeydew (@maiyajambalaya) September 28, 2022 Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons... Read full »
  • today Study: cloned service dogs likely easier to train
    From the abstract of "Health and temperaments of cloned working dogs," a study published in the journal J Vet Sci: Only about half of all trained dogs may qualify as working dogs through conventional breeding management because proper temperament and health are needed in addition to their innate scent detection... Read full »
  • today Disney is giving their Epcot mascot a movie
    Not enough people realize how influential the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was. The idea of turning a theme park ride into a working film series seemed impossible. Once the film became a rousing success, every studio in Tinseltown understood that they could make a movie out of any brand they wanted.... Read full »
  • today Even the poster for the Weird Al movie is a parody
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Animated Times (@animatedtimes) When rumors about a Daniel Radcliffe-led Weird Al Yankovic movie began to circulate, fans immediately began questioning the film's tone. Obviously, fans never expected a Weird Al film to be 100% serious, but Radcliffe didn't seem like the... Read full »

    The Next Web

  • past Securing the seas when the maritime industry’s drowning
    Over the last decade, the maritime industry has undergone a digital transformation to increase efficiencies, save money, gain greater insights into vessels and cargo, and develop new business models. But digitization has created a playground for cybercriminals who are benefiting from the industry’s security shortfalls across cargo ships, cruisers, boats,... Read full »
  • past Here are the top 5 sustainable mobility companies hiring in Europe right now
    The future is green, because it has to be. There’s no denying our climate is in crisis. In the last year, we have seen soaring summer temperatures across Europe, raging forest fires in parts of North America, and terrifying floods in Australia and Pakistan. To save our planet and our... Read full »
  • past A new ‘common sense’ test for AI could lead to smarter machines
    Content provided by IBM and TNW. Today’s AI systems are quickly evolving to become humans’ new best friend. We now have AIs that can concoct award-winning whiskey, write poetry, and help doctors perform extremely precise surgical operations. But one thing they can’t do — which is, on the surface, far... Read full »
  • past Synthetic data is the safe, low-cost alternative to real data that we need
    Content provided by IBM and TNW. Babies learn to talk from hearing other humans — mostly their parents — repeatedly produce sounds. Slowly, through repetition and discovering patterns, infants start connecting those sounds to meaning. Through a lot of practice, they eventually manage to produce similar sounds that humans around... Read full »
  • past This is how much software developers in the Netherlands are earning in 2022
    This article was originally published on .cult by Luis Minvielle, Inês Almeida. .cult is a Berlin-based community platform for developers. We write about all things career-related, make original documentaries, and share heaps of other untold developer stories from around the world. You’ve probably read this before: the Netherlands is an... Read full »
  • past Find out how much software developers are making in Germany in 2022
    This article was originally published on .cult by Mikaella C, Inês Almeida. .cult is a Berlin-based community platform for developers. We write about all things career-related, make original documentaries, and share heaps of other untold developer stories from around the world. Last year we brought you our first comprehensive breakdown... Read full »
  • past UK scaleup launches groundbreaking approach to ID verification: turning your head
    A UK scale-up this week unveiled an industry-first approach to identity verification: asking users to turn their heads. Onfido, an Oxford University spin-out, launched the software amid surging identity fraud. Growing economic pressures, increasing digitization, and pandemic-fuelled upheaval recently led politicians to warn that a “fraud epidemic”  is sweeping across... Read full »


  • today The CIA Just Invested in Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Technology
    As a rapidly advancing climate emergency turns the planet ever hotter, the Dallas-based biotechnology company Colossal Biosciences has a vision: "To see the Woolly Mammoth thunder upon the tundra once again." Founders George Church and Ben Lamm have already racked up an impressive list of high-profile funders and investors, including... Read full »
  • today Mystery Hackers Are 'Hyperjacking' Targets for Insidious Spying
    For decades, security researchers warned about techniques for hijacking virtualization software. Now one group has put them into practice. From a report: For decades, virtualization software has offered a way to vastly multiply computers' efficiency, hosting entire collections of computers as "virtual machines" on just one physical machine. And for... Read full »
  • today Meta Announces Hiring Freeze, Warns Employees of Restructuring
    Meta Platforms, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, said it will freeze hiring and restructure some teams in an effort to cut costs and shift priorities. From a report: Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg announced the social networking company's freeze during a weekly Q&A session with employees, according to a... Read full »
  • today New York To Mandate Zero-Emission Vehicles in 2035
    All new vehicles purchased in New York will need to be zero-emission models beginning in 2035, Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) announced on Thursday. From a report: "We're really putting our foot down on the accelerator and revving up our efforts to make sure we have this transition -- not someday... Read full »
  • today NASA Spacecraft Buzzes Jupiter Moon Europa, Closest in Years
    NASA's Juno spacecraft has made the closest approach to Jupiter's tantalizing, icy moon Europa in more than 20 years. From a report: Juno on Thursday zipped within 222 miles (357 kilometers) of Europa, thought to have an ocean flowing beneath its thick frozen crust, raising the possibility of underwater life.... Read full »
  • today Google is Shutting Down Stadia
    Google is shutting down Stadia, its cloud gaming service. From a report: The service will remain live for players until January 18th, 2023. Google will be refunding all Stadia hardware purchased through the Google Store as well as all the games and add-on content purchased from the Stadia store. Google... Read full »
  • today Saudi Arabia To Invest $37 Billion in Gaming
    Saudi Arabia's government-funded gaming conglomerate The Savvy Gaming Group will invest $37.8 billion in gaming as part of a controversial effort to expand the kingdom's role in the sector. From a report: Savvy is primed to buy up a lot of gaming companies and start many of its own. Savvy... Read full »

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