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    Boing Boing

  • past Get elite privacy online with this VPN subscription, now 74% off
    We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor does it necessarily reflect its views. Privacy is one of the things we all strive to have on the internet. However, privacy is often easier discussed than had. — Read the rest... Read full »
  • past BBC took down own Modi documentary from Internet Archive
    Last week, Twitter removed posts about a BBC documentary, India: the Modi Question, which exposes and explores Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's involvement in the 2002 Gujarat riots in which more than 1000 people, mostly muslims, were killed. Twitter's censorship is readily explained, but the documentary was also removed from... Read full »
  • past Stay warm and toasty while unpredictable winter weather rages with this Personal Desk Heater
    We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor does it necessarily reflect its views. Once winter rolls around and we all remember how cold it can really get, being cozy and warm suddenly seems like a thing of luxury. —... Read full »
  • past Special effect techniques from the past
    These special effect techniques from the past are so much fun to watch. In my opinion, these clips have a magical feeling to them that CGI just can't replicate. Karel Zeman (1910-1989) was the mastermind behind the special effects shown in these clips. — Read the rest... Read full »
  • Videopast Man gets pedicure from a flesh eating crab
    This man's beauty hack is getting a free pedicure from flesh eating crabs. Am I weird for thinking the close up shots of the crab tearing off tiny pieces of dead skin with its claws and then nibbling on them is kind of adorable? — Read the rest... Read full »
  • past North Dakota Republicans propose $1500 fines for using pronouns that upset them
    If your institution receives state funding, a Republican lawmaker from North Dakota, David Clemons, "would fine people $1,500 if they refer to trans people using their correct pronouns, rather than the pronouns they were assigned at birth." Like Texas and Florida, North Dakota Republican politicians have already proposed some anti-transgender... Read full »
  • past Have you ever seen the Pigeon Neck illusion?
    This one's animated, so go and check out the interactive Pigeon Neck illusion at Michael Bach's website. In the animation above you see "pigeons" craning their neck while scurrying along, and worms shrinking and extending while worming their way. Looks a little silly… This was Jun Ono's, Akiyasu Tomoeda's, and... Read full »

    The Next Web

  • past UK scientists discover method to reduce steelmaking’s CO2 emissions by 90%
    Researchers from the University of Birmingham have developed an innovative method for existing furnaces that could reduce steelmaking’s CO2 emission by nearly 90%. The iron and steel industry is a major cause of greenhouse gasses, accounting for 9% of global emissions. That’s because of the inherent carbon-intensive nature of steel... Read full »
  • past Musk’s in a legal duel with a king over Twitter’s unpaid London rent
    Twitter has fallen out with yet another landlord: King Charles III. The Crown Estate, which manages the British monarch’s vast property portfolio, has sued Twitter over unpaid rent for office space in London. The complaint was filed last week at the High Court in Britain’s capital. The case joins a... Read full »
  • past Great job! Bulgaria’s first offshore wind turbine will be used to produce gas
    French startup Eolink — in collaboration with 15 European energy partners — will install a 5MW floating offshore wind turbine in Bulgaria by 2025. This is part of the EU-backed Black Sea Floating Offshore Wind (BLOW) project, which aims to advance sustainable energy solutions. BLOW will use Eolink’s patented floating... Read full »
  • past Europe’s homegrown battery cells could end its reliance on China by 2027
    By 2027, Europe has the potential to fully rely on domestic production of battery cells, meeting its EV and energy storage demands without any Chinese imports. That’s according to the latest forecast by Transport & Environment (T&E), a campaign group, which analyzed a range of manufacturer reports and press releases.... Read full »
  • past How startups can protect their IP: 8 tips from a patent attorney
    For tech startups, the most valuable assets are often invisible.  While businesses were traditionally built on physical resources, the contemporary economy is increasingly driven by intangibles. The chip firm Arm, for instance, earned a $40 billion valuation and a reputation as the UK’s leading tech company — despite never manufacturing... Read full »
  • past Lightyear halts production of its €250K solar EV to focus on its cheaper model
    Netherlands-based solar EV maker Lightyear has announced that it’s freezing production of its flagship model, the Lightyear 0 — less than three months after going into production. As part of a “strategic restructuring,” the company will now focus on making the Lightyear 2, priced at around €40,000. This is expected... Read full »
  • past Meet the startups representing the best of Northern Dutch tech
    The road to TNW Conference 2023 has started! With only five months to go until Europe’s leading tech festival, TNW is touring several up-and-coming tech hubs across the Netherlands to uncover the best of Dutch tech ahead of its the flagship conference in June. First stop? Groningen. On Thursday, TNW’s... Read full »


  • past What's Holding Back Wind Energy in the US?
    The Washington Post reports that "there are only seven working offshore wind turbines in the entire United States at the moment. In Europe, there are more than 5,000. China also has thousands." And yet 17 wind-power projects in the eastern U.S. are facing "considerable" resistance, while shareholders "are pressuring companies... Read full »
  • past 'Avatar: the Way of Water' Beats 'The Force Awakens', Becomes 4th Highest-Grossing Film Ever
    Avatar: The Way of Water "has passed Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the fourth highest-grossing movie of all time," reports Variety: Director James Cameron's sci-fi epic has now earned $2.075 billion at the global box office. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, another sci-fi sequel released long after previous installments,... Read full »
  • past Lawsuit Accusing Copilot of Abusing Open-Source Code Challenged by GitHub, Microsoft, OpenAI
    GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI "told a San Francisco federal court that a proposed class-action lawsuit for improperly monetizing open-source code to train their AI systems cannot be sustained," reports Reuters: The companies said in Thursday court filings that the complaint, filed by a group of anonymous copyright owners, did not... Read full »
  • past Wine 8.0 Released — and Plenty of Improvements are Included
    An anonymous reader shares this report from OMG! Ubuntu: Developers have just uncorked a brand new release of Wine, the open source compatibility layer that allows Windows apps to run on Linux. A substantial update, Wine 8.0 is fermented from a year's worth of active development (roughly 8,600 changes in... Read full »
  • past 'The Pros and Cons of Software Running Your Car'
    This week the automotive site Edmunds discussed "the pros and cons of software running your car." One advantage is that software "allows for the introduction of features that wouldn't have been possible in the past. Genesis, Hyundai's luxury arm, is using facial recognition and fingerprint scanning with its new all-electric... Read full »
  • past Wyoming Crypto Bank Denied for Federal Reserve System Membership
    The Associated Press reports that America's Federal Reserve Board "has denied a Wyoming cryptocurrency bank's application for Federal Reserve System membership, officials announced Friday, dealing a setback to the crypto industry's attempts to build acceptance in mainstream U.S. banking." Many in crypto have been looking to Cheyenne-based Custodia Bank's more... Read full »
  • past Canonical Announces General Availability of Ubuntu Pro, Free for Up to 5 PCs
    An anonymous reader quotes a report from 9to5Linux: Ubuntu maker Canonical announced Thursday the general availability of its Ubuntu Pro comprehensive subscription for Ubuntu users who want to expand the security updates and compliance of their systems. First released in a beta version in October 2022 with free subscriptions for... Read full »

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