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Read, Learn and Earn

Reading news is a good habit that can provide a great sense of educational value. It carries information about politics, economy, entertainment, sports, business, industry, trade and commerce. This habit, will not only enhance your knowledge of general information but will likewise improve your language skills and vocabulary.

Many people have habits of reading daily newspapers that their days seem incomplete without taking hold of early news headlines. Newsgregate was created to encourage news reading. We give out points to avid readers and these points can be cashed out. We want the populace to be news inclined.

Unlike other websites, you do not need to write or send us content to be published before we reward you. No. None of that engagement is required. We want you to focus on getting the latest news headlines and information from trusted sources while also inviting people to Newsgregate. Continue reading below

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a website that encourages people to read news…

On the first visit, you can look around or just head over to registration. After successful registration, you will be redirected to your dashboard. You will be rewarded with 1000 dCoins for first-time registration.

You will also be rewarded with 200 dCoins daily logins and 50 dCoins (10 times) for reading news headlines of different topics. You can click on headlines to read the full content.

You will also be rewarded with referral earning when you invite people to Newsgregate. For each person you invite, you earn ₦1,000.

dCoins and referral earning are converted using Spread Earning Metrics. The result becomes a Loyalty Reward which can be cashed out.

For example:
If you have 20,000 dCoins
N60,000 referral earning.
Loyalty rewards become N68,000.

Please read further below for comprehensive details.

No. Newsgregate is an exclusive members-only website. Visitors can read news headlines. However, only members can read news and earn.

Through registration. You will have to purchase a PIN code to be able to register. Membership is renewable every 6 months. Learn more about membership here.

  1. You earn dCoins when you log in daily to read the latest news headlines
  2. You will earn referral earning when you refer friends, colleagues, family, acquaintances or anybody to start reading news on Newsgregate through your membership invitation link. Learn more about Coin, referral earnings, usage and transfer here

This is a unique referral link for every member. With this link, you can invite anyone to Newsgregate. You can share the link anywhere (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth etc). If anyone who came through your link becomes a member, you will earn ₦1,000. The more you invite the more you earn. 

Newsgregate is not a quick money scheme. You earn dCoins for visiting daily and reading news headlines. 20,000 dCoins is the maximum you can earn in a month.

You will earn ₦1,000 for each person you invite to Newsgregate and there is no limit to how many people you can invite.

dCoins and referral earning are converted into Loyalty Reward

Now, use the Spread Earning Calculator to know how much Loyalty Reward you can earn

Yes. You can earn dCoins. But referral earning is required for conversion. If for example, you have earned 20,000 dCoins and 60,000 referral earning within a month. After conversion, your Loyalty Reward will be ₦68,000 

If you only have dCoins, the conversion will not be possible. Thus, no Loyalty Rewards

No. You will earn ₦1,000 referral earning for each person you invite to Newsgregate and there is no limit to how many people you can invite.

Yes. You can only accumulate 700 dCoins daily. After that, you will have to wait till the next day before you can start earning dCoins again. 20,000 dCoins is the maximum you can earn in a month. All unclaimed dCoins are reverted back to zero every 30days.

If for example, you have earned 20,000 dCoins and 60,000 rCoins within a month. After conversion Loyalty Reward will be ₦68,000…

To see an estimate of how much you can earn, use this calculator

You can request withdrawal from Monday – Friday. 8 am – 6 pm. We process all withdrawal requests on Saturdays. The minimum withdrawal is ₦3000 Loyalty Rewards. You can request your earnings from your dashboard. Learn more about withdrawal here

You can only transfer dCoins to another member.

You will get paid. It’s our joy that you read news headlines and invited people. You will get paid without undue delay. No member can earn beyond what Newsgregate cannot pay. Please read the withdrawal policy

You will only stop getting paid if you are no longer reading news and inviting people. 

You can find it on your dashboard.

Locate and click Membership link

To add your news website on Newsgregate, use the contact us page. The submission fee is N10,000 for a month.

It is so easy, it feels unreal. But it isn’t because many Nigerians have been reading news headlines and are cashing out. Register here